Course delivered in the Fall 2021 semester of the Seniors’ College Association of Nova Scotia

The speakers addressed issues of intergenerational trauma; systemic racism; challenges experienced by African Nova Scotians as they navigate the justice system and initiatives that are being developed to counter them. The session explored the community advocacy work undertaken to address concerns re police street checks and community initiatives that focus on ‘upstream’ prevention.


DeRico Symonds, Senior Policy Analyst, NS Office of Equity and Anti-Racism
Charnell Brooks, social worker, Nova Scotia Legal Aid
Moderator: Sharon Martin, President, NSCJA

The Seniors’ College Association of Nova Scotia (SCANS) is a volunteer-based, registered non-profit organization which provides affordable, non-credit academic courses to seniors across Nova Scotia. We are grateful to SCANS for granting permission to the NSCJA to post the lecture recordings on our website.

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