Call for Applications and Nominations to the Board of Directors

The Nova Scotia Criminal Justice Association (NSCJA) is seeking professionals and volunteers working in the field of criminal justice to join the board. Membership includes individuals working in all areas of the justice system in addition to partners in the health, education, social services, community agency and academic communities.
NSCJA promotes a humane, equitable and effective criminal justice system by providing workshops, public awareness events, opportunities for intersectoral collaboration and awards for both students and professionals in the criminal justice system.
The NSCJA is an affiliate of the Canadian Criminal Justice Association. Members who support the NSCJA objectives may be nominated for election to the Board of Directors.

NSCJA objectives

  • Encourage co-operation among individuals and groups in Nova Scotia interested in resolving problems that derive from criminal and delinquent behaviour,
  • Promote awareness and understanding of current issues in Canadian criminal justice, including legislation, criminal justice services, public education, rehabilitation, and victim resources,
  • Foster and promote improved criminal justice programs, policies, and legislation,
  • Acquire and disseminate information and knowledge about all aspects of criminal justice.

Preferred Requirements for New Board Members:

  1. Representation from government, academic and community- based partners that form and impact the criminal justice system as follows:
    • Current or prior employment experience in one of the government sectors of the NS criminal justice system with capacity and willingness to serve as a liaison person between the NSCJA and that sector.
    • Current or prior employment in one or more of the university academic communities that gives focus to justice issues or issues that impact the justice system.
    • Current or prior employment or volunteer experience in one of the not-for -profit sectors of the NS criminal justice system or partner agencies with capacity and willingness to serve as a liaison person between the NSCJA and that agency.
  2. Board of Directors governance experience.
  3. Knowledge of the Criminal Justice System.
  4. Professional designation and / or skill and competency in any of the following areas:
    • Financial Management / accounting
    • Law
    • Lobbying/Advocacy
    • Strategic Planning
    • Criminal Justice policy & legislation
    • Communications & website development
    • Coordination of learning events
  5. Background or experience that enhances the diversity and gender balance of the Board is essential to reflect and respond to the interests of the Nova Scotia population.

Mandatory Requirements for Board Members

  1. Membership in both the Canadian Criminal Justice Association and the Nova Scotia Criminal Justice Association before the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Time and availability to attend and actively participate (virtually or in person) in at least 4 board meetings per year plus time to actively participate on at least one committee of the board. Committees of the Board meet as required and include the following:
    • Policy
    • John Dunlop Award
    • Education
    • Board Development & Governance
    • Communications
    • Student Award

NSCJA Board Application and Nomination Process

  1. Application and nomination information required by the nomination committee includes:
    • Completion of NSCJA Board application – attached.
    • Applicant’s resume that includes reference to NSCJA board qualifications.
    • Letter (maximum one page) that states reason for applying to the NSCJA Board and how their qualifications and experience would enhance the work of the board.
    • Nominations must be accompanied by the nomination form, signed by a nominator who is a current NSCJA member.
  2. The Governance and Development Committee reserves the right to request two (2) letters of reference in support of the application if greater clarity is required regarding the preferred qualifications, skills, aptitude, and competencies of the applicant.
  3. The Board Governance & Development Committee will present a list of candidates, for approval, at the Annual General Meeting that is normally held in May.
  4. Applications and nominations must be sent C/O the Chair of the Board Governance & Development Committee of the NSCJA before May 9th, 2022.