I am writing regarding the John Dunlop Memorial Award which has been presented annually by the Nova Scotia Criminal Justice Association for the past 46 years. It is the oldest Justice Award in Canada and most prestigious cross sectoral Justice Award in Nova Scotia.

I am seeking your help with the nomination process for the 2023 assessment year.

John Dunlop was a respected member of the Nova Scotia criminal justice system. HeĀ  passed away in 1977, at the age of 42. John is remembered for his dedication to Justice professionalism and his interest in youth development through sports in Nova Scotia.

Persons may be nominated for this award based on criteria as follows:
An employee within the Nova Scotia criminal justice system (government or non-government) for three years or more.
Served as a role model and exceeded the requirements of their job description.
Involvement in community activities including those with an emphasis on youth.

It is requested that you consider a worthy member of the Nova Scotia criminal justice system for nomination. Please complete the nomination form on-line here and submit your nomination on or before Thursday March 14, 2024.

Questions can be directed to: fredhonsberger@ns.sympatico.ca.– cell: 902-229-6858

Each of us has observed exceptional professionalism and community contribution by co-workers who deserve special recognition. We rarely have an opportunity to celebrate these special people beyond their workplace. The John Dunlop Award provides an ideal opportunity to do so within the overall Nova Scotia criminal justice environment.

Given the unique challenges that are inherent in Justice work, please take time to reflect and consider the special contribution of one of your own colleagues.


Fred Honsberger
Past President, Nova Scotia Criminal Justice Association
Chair, John Dunlop Memorial Award Committee

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